KING SC Battleground Tour January 25, 2018
Thursday January 11th

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Honestly, photos would not inspire.
We toured familiar Lowcountry areas which may seem boringly familiar to the casual observer yet are ripe with history.

Thirty four KING members attended the bus trip on Thursday January 25. It was a sunny cool day, perfect for a relaxing ride around the area. Our speaker, Doug Bostick, was extremely knowledgeable and full of entertaining stories. Doug is the Executive Director and CEO of the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust. There are many Revolutionary and Civil War battle sites in South Carolina; unfortunately some have been destroyed. Since 1991 The Trust has been working with property owners, developers and communities to both acquire properties and accept conservation easements to protect our important historic resources for future generations.

We started out at the site of the battle of Haulover Cut, just outside the traffic circle at the entrance to Freshfields Village. This was a Civil War battle which took place in February, 1864. We then drove to Stono Ferry in the town of Hollywood. Part of the Stono Ferry golf course is built on the site of a Revolutionary battle. The battle of Stono Ferry took place in June, 1779. We visited nearby Wide Awake Plantation which is now a Public Park. British soldiers camped right by this park. Lastly we drove to the site of the battle of Burdenís Causeway on River Rd. This Civil War battle was fought over control of the creek. The site is situated on farmland, and looks just like it did back in July, 1864. Doug pointed out a copse of trees where he and an archaeologist found shells and bullets still embedded in the trees. The copse also contained a burial ground, one of a number in the area.

Interestingly, many of the roads we traverse today were major trails back in those days and still retain their original names, such as Bohicket, Plowground, River and Edenvale Roads. Bohicket is an Indian name.

At the end of the tour we all received a printout with maps and pictures. The maps show extensive details of the battlegrounds we visited, marking routes the participating armies took along with names of regiments and in some cases their commanding officers. Armed with this information we can all become guides to our visiting friends and impress them with our knowledge.

Doug Bostick is the author of 26 books which can be purchased at Indigo Bookstore in Freshfields Village.